Le Nostre Paste


The Agosta family have been farming the 670 acres of Feudo Mondello in the Belice valley in Sicily since the mid 1800s. Fuedo Mondello is an artisan pasta factory using a natural stone mill to transform the durum wheat into pasta and flour.

After a few days of grinding, the semolina (pasta flour) is turned into pasta with the use of a bronze dies. To keep the color, smell and taste of the Sicilian hard wheat, the pasta is slowly dried at a maximum temperature of 38*C. By using a mill stone to grind the flour, we produce a particularly large semolina that makes our whole wheat pasta “naturally rough” helping to hold the sauce. With this production process, we re-create a genuine whole wheat flour in the tradition of our grandparents.

We always plant our durum wheat following our chick pea, lentil, sulla grass and broad bean harvest, because these legumes naturally increase the fertility of our soil. This produces the optimum conditions for growing the highest quality crop. This traditional method of crop rotation enables us to keep the authenticity of our ingredients. The contents have a high nutritional value for the low Glycemic Index common to products with bran and wheat germ, giving a natural nutritional supplement.

Feudo Mondello applies the principle of “Good Agricolture Practice (GAP)”   a set of rules based on the best available agronomic techniques and  pratices that guarantee a low   environmental impact  and consumer health.

The sun of Sicily naturally drying the grain . By growing our own grains and legumes on our rural family farm, and establishing our own plant for milling and transforming the grain into pasta, we can ensure that every ingredient is home sourced. Production is limited.

Cycle of Pasta

from our field our pasta
The history of the grain that becomes pasta


This process entails preparing the land in order to begin the crop year


Preparing the land for planting the seeds

The clumps of earth are made finer in order to enable the optimal germination of the seeds

October - November


This procedure is crucial to assure optimal quality of the product

November - December


You enjoy the landscape awaiting the harvest

January - May


By the end of june you admire the fruits of one's own labour

June - July


The grain in is kept in warehouses
waiting for the transformation

June - May


The slow rotation of the millstone enable the preservation of the germ and the bran

All the year


The slow hydration ensures the gluten's optimal transformation

All the year


The pasta is extruded through bronze in order to acquire the intended shape and roughness

All the year


The low temperature enables the preservation of the wheat's taste and fragrance

All the year


Your pasta is now ready, be quick to reserve it

All the year


Top Italian Food 2022

Feudo Mondello appointed ambassadors of Made in Italy in the world. Gambero Rosso called to gather the world of food and wine to talk about the future of the sector. Among the challenges, sustainability and the sound Italian struggle. In the new guide comes the stamp that certifies the quality of the awarded products




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Via dei Nebrodi 55
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Luogo di produzione
Mulino Pastificio Feudo Mondello
C.da Mondello
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