Mezze Penne Rigate


Whole Wheat Pasta of Sicilian stone-grinding durum wheat

Packaging: 500 g

Cooking time: 12 minuts

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Mezze Penne Rigate Handmade Pasta

Stone-ground Sicilian durum wheat whole wheat semolina pasta

The Mezze Penne Rigate  are made by transforming wheat produced from the family fields into pasta” from our fields our pasta”

We grow the wheat that is stone-ground, formed into pasta using traditional bronze dies and then dried slowly at a low temperature to retain the natural golden colour and unique flavour of Sicilian durum wheat.
By stone grinding we preserve the germ and bran obtaining products with high health value due to the low glycemic index typical of whole grain products and for the presence of its bran and wheat germ which is a powerful natural food supplement.
We work following the principles of “Good Agricultural Practice (BPA)”, a set of rules based on the best available techniques and practices that guarantee a low environmental impact and consumer health. Even the packaging has adapted to the concept of sustainability, in fact the new packages are recyclable and can be disposed of in paper.
Pasta has won many awards, including the Gambero Rosso “Top Italian Food” award awarded in 2022 to durum wheat spaghetti, and the recognition as “Best artisan pasta factory” in Sicily, attributed by the magazine Cronache di Gusto.


Valori medi per Porzione / Typical nutrition value per Portion : 100 g

Valore energetico / Energy value : Kj 1420 / Kcal 330
Grassi / Fat : 2.4 g
Di cui saturi / of which satures : 0.1 g

Carboidrati / Carboydrate  : 61 g
Di cui zuccheri / of which sugar : 2,1 g

Fibre / Fiber : 8,0 g
Proteine / Protein : 13,0 g
Sale/ Salt : 0,02 g

Mezze Penne Rigate Homemade Pasta

Mezze Penne Rigate Handmade Pasta